Singer 3229 Simple Review

Ever wondered how amazing it is to have a great product at reasonable rates that also is efficient enough to fulfill all your requirements. What if we say such products do exist for your fashion needs and desires. Bringing fashion alive requires great execution especially while creating your masterpiece.

Stitching has never been an easy job but the product, we’re talking about it is going to do a miracle to your fashion sense. With this machine, you can do it all effortlessly. Introducing to you Singer 3229 Simple sewing machine. 

Singer 3229 Simple

Singer 3229 Simple

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The brand singer is the most trusted brand in the entire nation. Their products are worth every penny spent. The singer has never disappointed its customers. Just like their various successful products, the Singer 3229 simple sewing machine is also a very efficient tool.

If you’re truly keen about stitching and wish to grow your abilities and master skills then this one can be the best pick for you. Every feature of this sewing machine brings out the most in curated design or pattern easily and effortlessly.

Salient Features Of Singer 3229 Simple Sewing Machine 

  • Automated 4 step Buttonhole 

Most of the machines you find in the market are equipped with manual button holing but with Singer 3229 you just don’t have to stress. The automated 4 step buttonhole does it all for you. 

  • Snap-on and Feet Lifter

If you’re a person who deals in distinct material or fabrics, then with this sewing machine, you’ll have a great time stitching. Its snap-on feature makes your sewing simple and convenient to begin with. 

  • Super Quiet 

You must’ve noticed the majority of the sewing machines make immense noise while working and that’s really annoying. But this one makes partial noise so that your loved ones don’t get disturbed. 

  • Stitching Patterns

This machine offers a variety of stitching patterns. It lets you explore 29 types of stitching patterns and that’s incredible. 

  • Speed

The machine operates incredibly fast thus stitching is easy as well as quick. Singer sewing machine offers you 750 stitches in just a minute. 

  • Stitching Width 

This sewing machine offers you up to 5 mm stitching width on any of your fabrics including all your designer patterns. 

  • Energy Efficiency

Worrying about your electricity bills with constant sewing? Then with this sewing machine, you don’t have to. As Singer 3229 is exceptional in its energy-saving performance. 

  • Automated Needle Threader

Needle threading is extremely annoying but this machine does this job automatically. Thus you don’t have to waste time on manual threading. 

  • Free Arm 

The free arm feature of this machine lets you sit at ease as it offers simple access to pants hems, collars, cuffs, and every difficult area to be reached. 

  • Strong Metal Frame 

Everyday sewing can usually loosen the machine parts and lack its efficiency but with this sewing machine, you never have to think about such situations. Its metal frame is built with strong and durable material thus offers great efficiency every day. The extra strength frame has the capacity to deal with daily sewing. 

  • Portability

With the size this machine comes in, it is just so simple to carry it anywhere you go. This sewing machine weighs less than most of the machines available in the market. 

What We Like

  • Stitching length and width is adjustable 
  • It’s an automatic machine 
  • Comes along with a higher foot lifter with extra pressure 
  • Two years of warranty offered by the company on this product 
  • The strong and tough outer body 
  • Demo videos to understand the product better 
  • Simple stitch selection
  • Simple and fast threading 

What We Dislike

  • Makes noise while functioning
  • Few of the products with higher prices might outshine this sewing machine 
  • Starts vibrating while being operating 
  • The plastic material is not good


You should be amazed, aren’t you? As we said, this is an exceptional sewing machine one can ever buy. We promise as a fresher, you’ll never experience a tough time with the efficient machine as it’s simple to use and is loaded with functions. With the given features and the plus points in this article, you can now undoubtedly shop this product and you won’t be dissatisfied. Don’t wait, hurry up and purchase this machine and bring your ideas alive.  

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